Advantages Of Qm Systems In Present Day Enterprises

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CEO Harold "Max" Messmer echoed similar optimism during the latest conference call : "We saw solid demand across the board for our professional staffing and consulting divisions All indications are that the U.S. job market continues to tighten. Unemployment for college-degreed workers 25 years and older is just 2.5% today. This is placing pressure on the labor supply, particularly at higher skill levels. And the number of temporary workers as a percentage of the overall U.S. workforce remains near an all-time high, a sign employers are building flexible staffing options into their human resources plans with increasing frequency. We are also encouraged by recent data from the National Federation of Independent Business that showed that, while hiring levels did not increase in the fourth quarter, small business optimism reached its highest level since December 2004. Outside of the United States, we also see improving markets. Our international staffing operations had a solid fourth quarter." He went on to explain that this optimism is "in the future" and had not yet translated into increased hiring - explaining the recent earnings declines - because businesses "are waiting to see more activity in their businesses before their hiring activity reflects that." In addition to strong profitability, the company is also conservatively financed with basically no debt.

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